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All colors of Russkiy Toys

From Russkiy Toy terrier standard:
  • COLOUR: Black and tan, brown and tan, blue and tan. Also red of any shade with or without black or brown overlay. Richer shades are preferable for all colours.
  • FAULTS: Small white spots on chest and toes. Solid black, brown and blue colours. Tan markings too large or with dark shadings.
  • ELIMINATING FAULTS: White coat, white spots on the head, abdomen and above metacarpus; large white patches on chest and throat, presence of brindle markings.
Basic color.
russkiy Toy pictures

black-tan russkiy toy terrier

Variation of black-tan color.
Weakened black.
russkiy Toy terrier photos

blue tan russkiy toy terrier
Basic color.
russian Toy terrier pictures

brown tan russian toy terrier
Variation of brown-tan color.
Weakened brown.
russkiy toy photo

lilac tan russian toy
Basic color.
Pure red color. Nose and eyelid are black.
russian toy terrier pictures

red russkiy toy
Variation of red color.
Weakened red.
Exist different intensity: from almost white until peachy.
pale russkiy toy pictures

pale russian toy terrier
Variation of red color.
Pure red color with brown touch. Nose and eylid are brown.
russkiy toy pictures

picture of red brown russkiy toy
Variation of red color.
There are some black hair in coat. Nose and eyelid are black.
russian toy terrier photo

red sable russkiy toy
Variation of red color.
Low red color with lilac shade. Nose and eyelid are also lilac shade.
russkiy toy photos

red lilac russkiy toy
we have red-lilac puppy for sale!!
female, name - Magia Aquamarina Papaya
Price 600 euro

ask any questions
more pictures of the puppy

red lilac Russkiy Toy for sale
Read in our site!
Genetic of rare Russkiy Toy colors. Combination of colors in breeding
Domination of colors is inherited on decreasing in one after another: red, black-tan, brown-tan. It's the classic (basic) colors. These colors give weakened colors( pale, blue-tan, lilac-tan ) if it has weakened genes (it's recessive and that's way is rare). Read the article Breeding of rare Russkiy Toy colors